Cibes A5000 enclosed platform lift for residential and commercial use

Cibes A5000 Residential Lift

Delivered in ready-made modules for easy assembly and installation, typically between two to three days, it only requires minimal building works. It only requires a shallow pit of 50 mm, headroom of 2300 mm and can be without a pit and supplied with a floor-mounted ramp.

The A5000 is a Cibes’ EcoSilent lift that uses sustainable smart technology, making it virtually soundless (40 dB) for everyday life. Typical energy consumption of a residential 2-stop EcoSilent lift, with 3.6 m of travel being used for travel 20 times a day, is only 215 kWh/year.


The A5000 lift structure and doors are painted with your choice from a range of hard-wearing powder coated RAL colours. Construction of the outdoor lift Cibes A5000, makes it possible to glaze any of the 4 sides of the lift shaft.

One of Cibes’ EcoSilent range, the Cibes A5000 carries the energy rating A status, its quiet and unique drive system ensures noise is kept to a minimum.

In environments where a shallow 500 mm pit is not an option, the A5000 can be installed directly to the floor and supplied with a ramp for easy access.

The A5000 is available in selected sizes for external applications, as a ready-made lift with a small footprint, it only requires limited building work for installation.