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You may have already heard that Openreach, the company that installs and maintains the telephone and broadband infrastructure in the UK, is phasing out all copper telephony lines, including PSTN by December 2025.

What you may not know is that, without action, this could leave your lift without an emergency line. In most cases, the emergency button on a lift uses an auto dialler to call directly to your lift service provider – for example, Apex Lifts – to let us know that there is an issue or that somebody is trapped in the lift. That auto dialler usually uses a PSTN copper phone line.

If Openreach switches off the analogue telephone line to your building before you have upgraded your lift’s auto dialler, then your emergency line is unlikely to work. This not only means that your lift is no longer considered safe, but your lift will fail to reach EN 81-28 regulations, the safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts, and risks being switched off until the work is complete. LEIA, the Lift and Escalator Industry Association, states that this is “typically the responsibility of the building/lift owner”, however we are here to help.

It’s easy and simple to upgrade to a digital solution and ensure the continuation of your lift’s service. Contact your service manager today or email sales@apexlifts.com for a quick quote and more information.