Apart from the routine requirement for lift maintenance, having a well-maintained lift in a building enhances the experience of building visitors and passengers each and every time they interact with the lift.

Lift Maintenance

As a business that has built its reputation on quality and reliability, we take pride in the performance of the lifts we maintain. Whilst performance-based maintenance orientates around remote lift activity monitoring, we believe firmly that an experienced engineer checking and inspecting the lift as part of a planned maintenance programme provides the best possible preventative maintenance option.

To support our customers, Apex Lifts also undertake reactive repairs and emergency call-outs with tailored services developed for each client and building.

Our highly-trained directly employed lift service engineers all have dedicated rounds and become well known to our customers. Our collective pride in our work and the performance of our customers’ lifts ensures we always deliver an outstanding maintenance and breakdown service.

Across the business, our objective is to work in partnership with our customers to deliver a comprehensive service that ensures lifts are safe, reliable and functional with minimum downtime and disruption for service use.


LiftWatch is an interactive, online tool that provides our customers with a bespoke, value-added service that delivers in-depth and detailed portfolio information, including:

  • Real-time updates
  • Electronic exchange of orders
  • Proactive reporting
  • Data transfer/information sharing of lift and escalator service, maintenance and repairs