Cibes A4000 enclosed platform home lift for domestic properties, light on

Cibes A4000 Home Lift

The A4000 is one of Cibes’ EcoSilent range of lifts that uses sustainable smart technology, making it virtually soundless (40 dB) for everyday life. Typical energy consumption of a 2-stop EcoSilent lift, with 3.6 m of travel being used for travel 20 times a day, is only 215 kWh/year.


The A4000 lift structure and doors are painted with your choice from a range of hard- wearing powder coated RAL colours, it can also be delivered with a fully glazed shaft to provide you with a 360° panoramic view!

One of Cibes’ EcoSilent range, the Cibes A4000 carries the energy rating A status, its quiet and unique drive system ensures noise is kept to a minimum.

The slim design and construction of the A4000 Home Lift is ideal for narrow spaces, providing passengers with a comfortable and pleasant experience. Its compact design offers easy fitting, in most cases, inside the space of a stairwell.

In environments where a shallow 500 mm pit is not an option, the A4000 can be installed directly to the floor and supplied with a ramp for easy access.