Cibes C1 Cabin Lift with occupant

Cibes C1 Pure Cabin Lift

The modular C1 Pure can be installed in just a few days, it can be free-standing only requiring fixing points on its machinery side at each floor or assembled within an existing lift shaft. It only requires a pit depth of between 100 to 120 mm depending upon cabin floor choice and the 2500 mm headroom, avoiding the need for significant building works. The C1 Pure fully complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. It has a maximum travel of 15 m with a payload between 400/630 kg, depending upon your option choice.


The lift is delivered in ready-made modules with everything you need for installation.

No need to change the wiring of your house, your domestic lift runs on normal household electricity.

Unlike most lifts, C1 Pure has no machinery above or beneath the lift, everything fits inside the shaft. This makes C1 Pure very easy to install.

Our ready-made lift concept can be installed in just a few days and requires much less building work than a conventional lift.