Cibes outdoor lift in Wales

Cibes External Lift

Available in platform sizes of 1,000×1,467 mm and 1,100×1,467 mm, the weather-resistant Cibes outdoor lift is designed and manufactured to safely operate across a temperature span of approximately -10° to +30° Celsius.

Its elegant weather-resistant sealed glazed shaft panels, doors and slanted roof provide passengers with perfect protection from rain, wind and snow. Its weather-resistant properties include anti-corrosive treatment of bottom frame and platform, a flood protected electrical compartment and moisture-resilient call buttons.

Delivered in prefabricated and space-efficient modules, the Cibes outdoor lift allows for easy and fast installation, typically in 3 to 4 days and only requires limited building work. Its energy efficient MRL drive is located within the shaft and the passenger platform constitutes an impressive 70% of the total footprint of the lift, hence making the entire installation both passenger friendly and highly space-efficient.


To help protect your investment from water & moisture, the Cibes outdoor lift has an anti-corrosive treatment of bottom frame and platform, a flood protected electrical compartment, an aluminium faceplate that is sealed and call buttons that are resistant to rain and humidity.

To help protect the interior of the lift and maintain passenger comfort during travel, the glass panels of the lift shaft are fitted with a rubber seal to prevent water infiltration and reduce condensation.

Optional and attractive LED safety edge strip lighting is provided to create an illuminated area around the platform floor, to improve low light access to the lift whilst at the same time, adding a stylish night-time feature.

The Cibes outdoor lift can be supplied with either a steel or pixel glass canopy fixed above the lift door, to provide partial protection from rain. As an option, it can also be supplied with attractive LED to provide additional lighting at night-time.