Apex C02 Reducation for sustainable lifts

We are proud to have renewed Planet Mark Certification for the year ending December 2023 based on our absolute reduction including a set target to reduce emissions by 5% annually. This remarkable milestone is credited to our commitment in manufacturing sustainable lifts.

We also focus on waste reduction in all our manufacturing activities and enhancing our recycling efforts as part of our Environmental Impact Strategy 2024, which is centred on People, Process, and Promotion.

Apex Lifts Carbon Footprint Report—Planet Mark 2023

This year’s footprint includes emissions from electricity, T&D losses, natural gas, water, fleet, business travel, waste, paper, and homeworking (not included in total footprint). Our location-based carbon footprint for year ending December 2023 was 187.3 tCO2e, a decrease of 32.8% from the year ending December 2022.

Planet Mark report on our sustainable lifts

The carbon footprint per £m turnover was 7.7 tCO₂e (a decrease of 37.7%) and the carbon footprint per employee was 1.4 tCO₂e (a decrease of 42.3%). This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to manufacturing and promoting sustainable lifts.

A huge part of the carbon footprint is traceable to business and fleet travel. Part of our efforts towards the reduction of CO2 is ensuring that all our cars are carbon friendly. We currently have 4 hybrids and 7 electric cars.

Planet Mark business travel report on our sustainable lifts

Diesel and petrol saw significant drop-offs, petrol fuel usage was reduced to near zero this year in the fleet travel category.

Planet Mark fleet report on our sustainable lifts

Please click here to download our Planet Mark carbon footprint full report.

Apex Lifts’ Environmental Impact Strategy (EIS) 2024 Detailed

Our focus on sustainable lifts is captured in our EIS 2024 which could be summarised in the acronym— 3Ps.

People: Our strategy involves dedicated resources and the best external knowledge to minimise our environmental impact. We’ve bolstered our team with a new Health, Safety, Quality, and Environmental (HSQE) Manager and have partnered with Planet Mark to ensure a consistent reduction in our carbon footprint.

Process: We’ve improved data capture and analysis, establishing a single point of data collection for environmental impact data, which is reviewed on a regular basis. This enables us to refine our strategies continually. We’re committed to enhancing our office and fleet efficiency, aiming to achieve better EPC ratings and transition to fully electric company cars. Our collaboration with British Gas towards 100% zero carbon electricity and drop-off points to reduce travel to our Head Office are steps towards our sustainability goals.

Promotion: We’re actively promoting the benefits of sustainable lifts, focusing on educating our client base about the environmental advantages of lift modernisation. Our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, improving our fleet’s CO2 efficiency, and contributing to biodiversity underscores our role as part of the industry leaders in sustainability.

What Are Sustainable Lifts?

Sustainable lifts are designed to support Net Zero Carbon and energy efficiency goals. They are crafted with eco-friendly materials utilising steel, aluminium, glass, LED lights, and water soluble paint, promoting waste reduction and resource conservation. The industry is innovating with green materials, and regenerative drives to ensure lifts are not only energy efficient but also environmentally friendly.

  • Green-based materials: In recent years, the lift industry has experienced a shift to lift manufacturing equipment that promotes sustainability. Eco-friendly materials such as recycled steel and biodegradable components are now widely used to manufacture, reducing carbon footprints and increase environmental well-being.
  • Regenerative drives: Regenerative drives are components that enhances a lift’s sustainability credentials as they enable lifts and elevators to generate power whilst moving up and down the lift shaft.

The Urgency For Sustainable Lifts

In 2023, a report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) noted that 64% of UK adults are concerned about climate change’s impact. This suggests that there’s a growing demand for sustainable products. The UK’s commitment, as highlighted by the Climate Change Act of 2008, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly by 2050 underscores the importance of industries, including lift manufacturing, in achieving these ambitious environmental goals.

The construction sector is responsible for a considerable portion of the UK’s carbon emissions as the Institute of Government & Public Policy (IGPP) reported that the UK buildings accounts for 45% of total carbon emissions with 27% from domestic buildings and 18% from non-domestic buildings. IGPP stated that is could be because over 62% homes in the UK are rated below minimum energy efficient standard, at Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) grades D – G.  The need to be more mindful of our environment has prompted Apex lifts to remain focused on promoting sustainable lifts and partnering with Planet Mark to ensure compliants to sustainability standards.

What Does Planet Mark Certification Mean To Our Customers?

Our recent certification by The Planet Mark is not just a testament to our dedication to the environment but directly benefits our customers in several keyways:

  1. Trust and Assurance: Our certification reassures customers that they are partnering with a responsible company that prioritises and actively invests in sustainability. This trust is crucial for building long-term relationships in an industry where safety and reliability are paramount.
  2. Enhanced Brand Value: By choosing our services, customers align themselves with a brand that is recognised for its environmental responsibility. This can enhance their own brand perception, making them more attractive to end-users who are increasingly eco-conscious.
  3. Compliance and Best Practices: Our commitment to achieving and exceeding sustainability targets ensures that we are in line with the latest regulations and best practices. This helps our customers meet their own compliance requirements and environmental objectives without additional overhead.
  4. Innovation and Efficiency: The continuous improvement in our operations and the reduction in our carbon footprint reflect directly in the quality and efficiency of the lifts we manufacture and service. Customers benefit from innovations that lead to better energy efficiency and lower operating costs.
  5. Corporate Responsibility: Working with a certified company like Apex Lifts allows customers to contribute to broader corporate responsibility goals, including reducing environmental impacts and supporting sustainable development in their operations.

Every lift project we undertake is a step towards a more sustainable future, ensuring that our customers receive the most environmentally friendly and innovative solutions available.

Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future. For more information on our sustainable lifts and environmental initiatives, please contact us at info@apexlifts.com