introducing LiftWatch

Introducing: LiftWatch

Here at Apex Lifts, we continually aim to innovate ideas to make our customers’ lives easier. LiftWatch, formerly known as CALM, is an interactive tool that users are able to utilise to find in-depth information about their lifts and escalators. Available on any device, at any time, the computer-aided lift management software enhances client usage and provides dynamic benefits to its user.

Providing users with up-to-date references for their products, LiftWatch presents clients with a personalised user experience. Supporting maintenance and repairs, the online tool offers the functionality for clients to view proactive reporting, data transfer, and updates surrounding their lift portfolios. Certifying clients have access to a holistic representation of their products’ health at their fingertips, alleviates the need for an intermediate.

Purposefully designed to support the client’s ease of use, LiftWatch operates a traffic light system, for the simple detection of maintenance and repairs. The traffic light interface signifies both planned and preventative lift maintenance, its progress, and an instantly accessible report on what’s to be done. Supporting clients with their accessibility needs and demands.

LiftWatch provides users a comprehensive day-to-day view of the lift portfolio status, engineer updates such as timeframes, and more specifically the works carried out. The interactive calendar tool allows users to view proposed work on selected dates supporting users with keeping up to date on planned maintenance works. Ensuring you’re able to keep track of recent and historical works too, the tool offers downloadable call-out reports, with functional features to amend the time periods.

With advanced performance, the interactive client portal aims to provide a simplistic method of tracking products to ensure the safety and health of lifts and escalators, in a bid to provide an exceptional customer experience. Amongst other attributes, LiftWatch guarantees increased efficiency across contract management through the detailed portfolio of information it provides. Simultaneously delivering secure information, maintaining the dynamic needs of the client.