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Covid-19 products

COVID-19 Lift & Escalator Products

In-light of the current COVID-19 situation, Apex Lifts can provide a range of products and other solutions that aid with social distancing and sanitation within lifts and on escalators.

A full brochure can be found here.

Stickers & Signage

Stickers and signage reinforce UK Government guidelines with the use of visual markers and social distancing messages. Stickers and signage vary in a range of colours and are available in sticker or non-slip mat format. Stickers and signage indicate current social distancing guidelines for lift and escalator usage such as, indicating passengers where to appropriately stand during travel and advice to keep 6 steps (2 metres) distance when travelling on escalators.


Air Sanitisation Unit

The Radiana Air Sanitisation Unit E Y O is built and designed to be retrofitted into existing elevators and can be ceiling mounted or mounted to any other appropriate place within the lift. The air sanitisers are based on the naturally occurring phenomenon ‘non-Thermal Plasma’ (NTP), the latest generation of Ionization and works by sanitising the air and surfaces- providing a unique but powerful method of dealing with Bacteria, Virus, Odour and Fungi. Sanitisation units do not rely on ongoing refills, simply electricity.


LED UVC Handrail Sanitiser

The design of surrounding the handrail on escalators features integrated U-Type quartz glass, permitting the transmission of 100% UVC ray for the best all-around sterilisation. Efficiency and functionality can easily be checked via LED displays on the skirt of escalators, indicating the sanitiser is operational, ensuring that end users can understand that the handrails are sterilised.