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Covid-19 products

COVID-19 Lift & Escalator Products

In-light of the current COVID-19 situation, Apex Lifts can provide a range of products and other solutions that aid with social distancing and sanitation within lifts and on escalators.

A full brochure can be found here.

Stickers & Signage

Stickers and signage reinforce UK Government guidelines with the use of visual markers and social distancing messages. Stickers and signage vary in a range of colours and are available in sticker or non-slip mat format. Stickers and signage indicate current social distancing guidelines for lift and escalator usage such as, indicating passengers where to appropriately stand during travel and advice to keep 6 steps (2 metres) distance when travelling on escalators.


Anti-Bacterial Fogger

The Anti-Bacterial Fogger is ideal for small areas and confined spaces such as within lift cars. Within 15 minutes following application, all surfaces will have an anti-bacterial layer and the air will be sanitised. Anti-Bacterial Foggers contain over 90% alcohol and are highly effective against 99.9% of Bacteria, Yeast and Virus.


Touchless Landing Operating Panel (LOP)

Ideal for new build, modernisation or retrofit applications the Touchless LOP comprises of reliable sensing units alongside dependable Dewhurst push buttons. Touchless LOPs are pre-wired for simple installation; are fully compatible with Dewhurst's surface mount and fixture range. The adjustable sensor range enables touchless ease of use for all users.