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Top five benefits of using CALM

14 October 2016

CALM (Computer Aided Lift Management) is Apex Lift’s very own interactive online tool designed with clients in mind. The bespoke system enables seamless accessibility to real-time updates, electronic order information, proactive reporting and information about lift and escalator maintenance and repairs. John Roberts, Service Director at Apex who was instrumental in creating the system says “We’ve been working on offering a system that allows our customers to see, at the click of a button, exactly what is happening with the lifts on all of their sites. But we wanted to go above and beyond, making the system as user-friendly as possible. No other independent lift companies currently offer a service as comprehensive as CALM.”

Thinking about signing up to use the system? We have put together the top five benefits of doing so:

1. Real time information

Using CALM enables you to gain minute to minute information about individual lifts generating live status reports. Our ‘sick lifts’ feature highlights the lifts that have had repeated faults sending an automatic alert to dispatch technical experts who will address the problem as soon as possible. 

2. Secure and bespoke 

You can access all information remotely from any device giving complete visibility across your entire lift portfolio. This means no more waiting on an engineer to let you know when the lift will be back in action, simply log in to your bespoke portal for your day to day view of all lift statuses.

3. Easy to use interface 

The platform has a slick, colourful interface which is easy to navigate. A traffic light system means that you can instantly identify where work needs to be done on your portfolio. Green means that everything is running smoothly, amber indicates a need for preventative lift maintenance and red indicates a need for a technical expert callout.

4. No data entry required 

The technical detail sheets are electronic meaning that key information is automatically captured. All exchanges of information and data transfers are done electronically with all contractual obligations pre-set into the system. 

5. Interactive calendar  

The integrated interactive calendar enables users to see at a glance the work that is happening on specific dates. This is also a helpful tool for downloading reports based on certain time periods.

Give our slick, colourful interface a try today. You can find further information or watch a short clip detailing all the features of the software here. Have any further questions? Email us on info@apexlifts.com or Get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin.

To watch our video click here.  


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