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The Apex Workshop

10 July 2019

Welding Bench

An insight into the Apex Workshop 

The Apex Lifts Workshop is where our bespoke lifts are manufactured. 

"Everything has been thought about over the years to create bespoke lifts, in-house, with efficiency in mind." - Alan Simons, Production Manager. 

Here at Apex, we are dedicated to a Total Green Policy, where sustainable manufacturing and engineering is at the forefront of what we do. This includes sourcing materials within the UK and Europe rather than further afield, as a result, reducing our carbon emissions. 

We have also recently installed LEV systems to the welding bays, ensuring the health of our engineers and to adhere to our Total Green Policy. 

"We aim to be an industry leader in sustainability." - Warren Jenchner, Apex's Managing Director. 

The Total Green Policy is also applied within the workshop, with reduced power consumption and is even kept in mind when designing our bespoke lifts- with small changes such as the lift flooring being placed above the metal work of the lift, enabling the floor to be easily changed in the future without major disruption to the entire lift car. 

The Apex Training Academy is located above the Apex Workshop. This is where apprentices spend their time learning the trade and are given demonstrations from the in-house lift simulation, teaching them the technicalities and the Health & Safety of operating a lift car and control panel. 

Alongside the Training Academy and examination facilities, apprentices can also develop skills within the actual workshop. From carrying out tasks such as welding, drilling... and occasionally making a few cups of tea!

We are immensely proud of the Apex Workshop and are pleased with the progress and innovation that has taken place there throughout the years, especially when we will be celebrating its 20th year in 2020. 

See below, some images of the workshop, the storage space it offers for large construction projects, the machinery and the workshop engineers at work. 

The Apex Workshop

Air Purifiers


Storage Facilities

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