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The Apex Fleet

19 September 2019


Reducing CO2 emissions is at the forefront of decision making when it comes to the Apex fleet, alongside performance and accessibility. 

2018 and 2019 has seen Apex deliver upgrades to our fleet of 13 cars and 32 vans. 

Our new fleet of cars are hybrid and feature auto-start-stop technology to aid with our mission to reduce company CO2. Furthermore, at our Head Office, we have one electric car and a charging facility. 

In addition, we have recently analysed our route plans, minimising the need for vehicles and maximising walking routes, the use of public transport and vehicle sharing wherever possible. Our engineers are logged and tracked via 'intelligent route-mapping' to ensure the nearest engineer can attend call-outs to avoid uneccessary travel, fuel and inefficiencies. 

Our fleet is monitored through an online system which provides updates on the style of driving used, speed, excessive acceleration and miles per gallon. Drivers also complete a 'Safe Driving' course, highlighting safe driving and smarter, fuel efficient driving skills. This allows our Fleet Manager to flag any issues with the drivers, allowing us to maintain CO2 levels below the average rating and to warrant safer driving. 

At Apex, we record our average COemissions across our fleet. The information recorded shows a reduction in car fleet vehicles, reduction in the use of vans and total  COemissions since 2011. The spreadsheet of this information can be found here. 

Apex Lifts strive to maintain our fleet to the highest of standards, carrying out regular safety checks, in addition to staying up-to-date with industry and fleet best practice. 

"By maintaining and monitoring our vehicles and their usage we can ensure that our CO2  emissions remain low, as well as continuously searching for improvements. Currently, we are aiming to implement a fully electric fleet of cars and vans by 2030." - Emily Knox, Fleet Manager. 

In addition to improving our fleet, we aim to reduce COemissions by being part of the Cycle Scheme, where we have entered into acquiring tax free bikes for work. At both our Head Office and Workshop, we provide safe storage for employees' bikes and as of June 2019, we have a total of 21 bikes within the cycle scheme. 

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