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Meet the Team - Daniel Warwick

30 September 2021

Meet the Team: Daniel Warwick

What’s your background/past experience?

I started my career in fabrication with Apex Lifts when I was in Year 10, undertaking work experience back in 2013! After this, I would help out during half term/summer holidays along with Saturdays until I finished school. From this, Apex has supported me throughout my GCSEs and helped me to secure a place within Leigh UTC Dartford for sixth form to study a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering – of which I achieved triple A*. Whilst studying here, I was on day release to Apex’s manufacturing facility which allowed me to build upon my skills and experience. Following Leigh UTC Dartford, I went onto studying a Level 2 City & guilds NVQ in Welding & Fabrication with Midkent College in Gillingham. At this point in my education I was working four days in the Apex workshop and having day release to college one day per week. From 2013 up until now, I have been able to build experience, skills and had the opportunity to work in all aspects of the manufacturing facility. For example, metal fabrication, MIG & TIG welding, lift car assembly and now currently working in the metal sheet department using CAD & CAM to manage the newly upgraded laser machine.

What made you choose to work for Apex Lifts?

When it came to choosing a work experience placement in Year 10, I wanted to pursue Lift Engineering as I was inspired by a family member also working within industry. I researched local lift companies and Apex Lifts came up top, so I took the risk and phoned the head office and was pput directly through to Managing Director, Warren Jenchner! After 15 minutes of conversation with Warren, I was offered an interview, a formal meeting and received a tour of the manufacturing facility. Following four years of education, I decided I would prefer a career in fabrication and started by welding and fabrication apprenticeship.

What does your day-to-day role involve?

I oversee and run the sheet metal department from cutting, lasering and folding parts or products for the Lift Industry. I also utilise Radan 2021 CAD & CAM software on a daily basis to program and run the laser machine efficiently and economically to produce high standards of finishes. Majority of the works come through this department first, so there is a high volume of work that needs to be undertaken to ensure the rest of the workshop team can complete the overall job in time. For example, I fabricate the lift car panels and parts to then be given to Apex’s welding and lift car assembly department to finish the overall job. To keep up with rising demand and delivering work to timescale, I ensure my metal sheet materials are always stocked up and inform my production manager if anything requires re-ordering. A really important aspect of my day-to-day role is working as a team and helping each other – the workshop team are a great bunch to work with!

What’s your favourite aspect of the job role?

Working with a great bunch of lads and enjoying the odd banter – and the ability to help each other out when needed!

What aspect do you find most challenging about your job?

Unfortunately, like any live production site, there are times where breakdowns and emergencies can occur overnight. This results in having to repair or replace either machine part or lift component to ensure the client’s lift is returned to service as quickly as possible.

What’s your favourite building in London? Why?

Wembley Stadium, this is where I saw Bruce Springsteen in 2016. It was the best concert I have been too… three hours of non-stop from the boss himself!

What are your interests outside of work?

I am a diehard Boston Red Sox fan (American Baseball) and have been very lucky to have seen six games in Fenway Park, Boston in 2018, and a further two games in London. The London games were against our rivals the New York Yankees in 2019. I also enjoy spending time with my beautiful fiancée, Louise, and seeing friends and family – whether this be regularly on going on holidays. In my down time, I either do DIY works around my house or game on my Xbox.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Creative, passionate and reliable.

We’re off to the pub, what are you ordering?

Double gin with lemonade… I drink it like a fish!

If you had to be stuck in a lift with someone, who would that be? Why?

Mookie Beets, an ex-Boston Red Sox player who has always been my favourite. It would be great to just hear about his experiences and learn what it would be like to a major All-Star player!

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