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LOLER Insurance Reports & Why You Need Them

23 January 2020

LOLER infographic


Got a new or existing lift? Or looking to install one? Before you start, you need to know the basics about LOLER, what is LOLER? Why do you need it? - What are the consequences if you don't? If you don't know the answers, not to worry as we have all the info you need right here... 

What is a LOLER- 

The Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998) require lifting equipment to have a thorough inspection by a competent person or in other words, an insurance report for your lift. The 'insurance' aspect of a LOLER report originally comes from insurance companies offering LOLER as an additional service... Put simply, a LOLER is like a MOT for your lift!
LOLER reports check that all the key components of your lift are working correctly by carrying out a thorough inspection investigation. Paperwork is provided with evidence of the insurance testing- and provides proof that the lift is safe to operate. 

HSE's definition of a LOLER thorough investigation is as follows: 
'Systematic and detailed examination of the equipment and safety-critical parts, carried out at specified intervals [...] where serious defects are identified, the competent person carrying out the examination must immediately report this verbally to the dutyholder.' 

Why do clients need a LOLER? 

LOLER insurance reports are mandatory under HSE regulations (9, 10 & 11). If your lift carries passengers, you are required to carry out LOLER insurance testing twice per year. If you have a goods only lift, then you are required to carry out one LOLER test per year. 
Carrying out a LOLER insurance report is not only mandatory, but a lift owner's responsibility on behalf of passenger's safety. This also extends to domestic equipment, such as stairlifts. 

What are the consequences of not having a LOLER inspection? 

Not providing a LOLER inspection is against HSE regulations, with risk of being fined up to £250,000. The worst-case scenario can also extend to... imprisonment. However, the most important point to remember is that if a LOLER inspection is not carried out, you are putting the health and safety of the passengers using your lift at risk. 
Additonally, not having a LOLER inspection can lead to reputational issues. This will have a knock-on effect to prospective clients, acquisitions or partnerships as LOLER paperwork is often asked for in these cases, much like new tenants moving into a building. 

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