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Apex’s Chief Fabricator & Welder Race to Victory

17 December 2020

Wayne Colliver, Apex's Chief Fabricator, and his brother Antony who is Apex's Welder, race to victory with their dragcars. 

Both Wayne and Antony have been drag racing with their own cars since the mid 1990s. Wayne and Antony's current cars are self-built... with their fabricating and welding skills coming in handy! From designing the chassis, and then fabricating every part of the car and trailer that they tour with - taking around 20 months to complete!

Wayne and Antony partake in 3-4 drag racing meets each year, including special meets such as 'Dragstalgia', attracting over 200 teams each year. 

When asked what their favourtite track to race is, Wayne and Antony voted for Santa Pod Raceway, Bedfordshire as it is one of the best tracks outside of the USA and both have been visiting there since the 1970s- bringing them both some nostalgia! 

Depsite the uncertainty 2020 brought, Wayne and Antony were able to take part in two meets this year. At these meets, Wayne broke his personal best three times, resulting in the achievement of 9.43 at 141 mph. 

Wayne proudly sports the Apex Lifts 50th Anniversary logo on his dragster and is pleased to have won Best Appearing Car at 2020's meet. 

Take a look at Wayne and Antony's cars below...

To view Wayne's Facebook page all about his Dragster, click here. 

To view Antony's Facebook page all about his Dragster, click here. 

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