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Apex Lifts Welcomes Work Experience Student

03 November 2021

We recently welcomed a Sixth Form Student, Cassandra Smit, to undertake work experience shadowing our Marketing/Sales Department. Cassandra reflects on her time at Apex Lifts and her future career options...

My work experience at Apex Lifts as a Marketing Assistant has taught me many different skills - relevant to the industry that I wish to pursue a career in. The job involved shadowing the marketing department in the office, where Tilly, Apex’s Marketing Consultant, guided me throughout the days and provided me with a variety of tasks to do, from social media analytics to digital design. 

My interest in marketing derived from my year 10 work experience which led me to take Business as an A-Level. I am currently in my last year of Sixth Form so Apex Lifts took me on during the October half term. The work consisted of undertaking many types of digital marketing. For example, I was given the responsibility of creating content for This Is Engineering Day, brainstorming new ideas, engaging with relevant content via social media, editing blog posts, going through social media analytics, email marketing - these were just a few examples of what I have learnt. From these tasks, my time at Apex Lifts has furthered my knowledge by allowing me to explore many different aspects of marketing.

Being in my last year of Sixth Form, I have been actively looking at various University courses to take, but found myself struggling on what I wanted to pick as I didn't want to regret my choice. My top options were Marketing, Philosophy and Events Management; therefore, working at Apex has aided my decision on choosing a University course - it has been a massive help. 

This opportunity from Apex has been ideal for me as I have developed skills and experience, which has benefited my interest in marketing extensively. As a result, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working in the office, alongside lovely people at Apex Lifts. 

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