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Apex Lifts debunk the most common lift myths

11 November 2019

At Apex, lift and passenger safety is at the forefront of our work- to provide reliable lifts and servicing 24/7/365. However, with people taking the lead from their favourite disaster, action movies and TV shows- we are about to debunk these common elevator myths: 

If you are trapped in a lift, you will run out of oxygen: 
Don't put added stress on your lungs by holding your breath if you are ever stuck in a lift! It is a Health & Safety requirement for lifts to have ventilation openings, particularly within the flooring of the lift car. It's an added bonus if you're stuck in a swanky lift with air-con! 

The ropes on a lift can snap, causing the lift to free-fall: 
Lifts aren't actually held up by ropes, but steel cables instead. These steel cables are strong enough to support a fully loaded lift car. It is practically impossible for any of the cables to snap, let alone one of them! In the extreme case that this were to ever happen, other safety components (including the overspeed governor) of the lift would kick in and stop the lift if it exceeds its 'safe' speed. 

Pressing the call button multiple times will make the lift come faster: 
This is false! Once the call button is pressed, the instruction for the lift to go to the floor you are on and pick you up is registered by the control system. Pressing it multiple times will not make the lift come any faster, so be patient, while the lift follows its previous instructions first! 

Once in the lift, pressing the close-door button really will make the doors close quicker- something we proudly debunked back in 2016! Take note, pressing the close-door button in American lifts doesn't actually work. 

You can check out more about lifts and their safety by taking a look at our Health & Safety page here.

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