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Apex Lifts awarded position on South East Consortium Framework

01 October 2020

Apex Lifts are proud to have been awarded a position on South East Consortium's Lift Framework which is divided into four different lots. Apex has successfully secured rankings of 1st and 2nd place across all lots. 

South East Consortium porivde a range of frameworks for any public sector organisation to access based upon requirements and objectives. Frameworks can be accessed through 'Direct Award', where organisations can request a top ranking contractor on the framework without re-opening competition, or through a 'Mini Competition' which is run between all appointed suppliers within the framework- this process involves a tendering process tailored to specific requirements. 

Lot 1: Servicing & Maintenance of Passenger Lifts
This Lot includes the servicing and maintenance of passenger lifts; a planned preventative maintenance programme consisting of thorough shaft clean-downs per annum, a callout service during normal and outside normal working hours to carry out emergency repairs and restoring lifts back to service. Apex Lifts were awarded 1st pace for Lot 1.

Lot 2: Installation of Passenger Lifts
Works within this Lot consist of the removal of existing passenger lifts and installations of a replacement motor room-less (MRL) traction passenger lift. Replacement lifts will be bespoke design provided by the Contractor and are listed to provide a minimum of 15-20 year operational life. 

Lot 3: Servicing, Maintenance & Installation of Mobility Lifts
Lot 3 involves the servicing, maintenance and installations of mobility lifts. Alike Lot 1, Contractors are to carry out a planned maintenance programme to all lifts and equipment. All works regardless of servicing, maintenance or installations, will be carried out under jurisidiction of original manufacturer's instructions and British Standards. Apex Lifts were also awarded 1st place for Lot 3. 

For more information on Lot 3 and British Standards, click here. 

Lot 4: Combination Lot
This Lot has been designed for organisations who would like all elements for a 'call off contract' or a combination of Lots 1, 2 and 3. Works are to include more than one of those listed within Lots 1, 2 & 3. 

The South East Consortium Framework has opended Apex Lifts to a greater scope of clients and has allowed Apex Lifts to continue providing services to the wider public sector. For more infromation on the South East Consortium's Frameworks, click here. 

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