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Apex Lifts awarded position on Fusion21's national lifts Framework

07 August 2020

Apex are proud to be part of Fusion21's national lifts Framework- A Framework that was designed to deliver lift related work and services to estates across the public sector including: Housing providers, local authorities, NHS trusts, blue light organisations, education providers and central government. 

Apex secured a place within Fusion21's Framework following a tendering process outlining Quality Questions and Commercial Schedules, which allowed Apex to tailor works that best fit the company's capabilities, experience and expertise. 

Fusion21's national lifts Framework will also support a variety of design, installation, refurbishment and the servicing and maintenance of passenger/goods lifts and domestic lifts (including stair lifts, step lifts, platform lifts and hoists). For more information on Apex's Products and Services, click here.

Apex are one of the 32 highly skilled firms that have secured a place on the Framework, of which is split into five lots. Apex Lifts feature under 'Passenger/Goods Lifts- Servicing & Maintenance (Lot 1)' and 'Passenger/Goods Lifts- Installation, Refurbishment and Upgrading (Lot 3)' for more information on lots, please click here.

Passenger/Goods Lifts- Servicing & Maintenance entails the servicing and maintenance of passenger/goods lifts, with options for both planned preventative maintenance with call outs and fully comprehensive servicing. 

Passenger/Goods Lifts- Installation, Refurbishment and Upgrading entails the following scope of works: Installation, refurbishment or upgrading of passenger/goods lifts. 

"We are delighted to be part of Fusion21's national lifts Framework, providing our services to the public sector and having a wider scope for potential clients." - Warren Jenchner, MD at Apex Lifts. 

The Framework Agreement will be in place for the duration of 4 years; therefore, opens Apex to a plethora of opportunity to work with Fusion21's valued members across Education, Health, Housing and the Wider Public Sector. 

For more information on Fusion21's Frameworks, click here. 

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