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Apex Full Circle Green Policy gets the green light

25 July 2016

Full Circle Green Policy

Here at Apex Lifts, we are dedicated to sustainable engineering. In fact, one of our core values is focusing on delivering environmental excellence and lowering carbon emissions. With this in mind we have introduced our Full Circle Green Policy, which we apply to all lift installations, replacements and maintenance, actively reducing business operations-related emissions and waste. Through this approach we can help clients save time, money and most importantly, needless fuel and material waste which adds to ecological damage.

At the heart of our policy is sustainability. It’s not just about providing instant sustainable energy but also full-life sustainability. This includes reducing power consumption and also taking into consideration travel, employment and ensuring longevity of lift equipment - not just for a few years but for the lifetime of the building.

“We aim to be an industry leader in sustainability,” expresses Apex Managing Director, Warren Jenchner. Apex Lifts offers a Full Circle Green alternative to affordable elevators. ‘Package lifts’, often installed as a seemingly easy option, must be completely replaced when renewal is required. “These affordable lifts often have a very limited life span so building managers will be forever upgrading them, thus continuing a cycle of waste and unwanted carbon emissions,” warns Jenchner. Plus, when lifts are manufactured overseas and flown in a large amount of fuel is consumed.

With Apex, we source components from the UK and Europe, meaning less transportation and therefore, less unnecessary fuel consumption. We have a reputation for manufacturing lifts that last, with many components made from materials that have been, or can be, recycled. Whether installing a new lift or refurbishing an older one, Apex Lifts will always deliver environmentally viable results.

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