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Apex Lifts win Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association contract

07 March 2017

new client win Apex Lifts

We are delighted to have won a comprehensive lift maintenance contract with Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association (ISHA). The one-year project includes regular servicing and repair of over 60+ lifts in all properties and housing schemes within the ISHA.

The project which began in January, involves around-the-clock attention to any callouts, continued maintenance and service and reporting of 61 lifts, which includes; hydraulic, passenger and machine roomless lifts (MRL). As part of the requirements from the ISHA, Apex will also be maintaining disabled and platform stairlifts to ensure a safe living environment for residents in special needs accommodation.

Apex Lifts is already planning for preventative maintenance and responsive repairs, conducting technical surveys on each lift to indentify parts and spares required to ensure availability in the event of component failures. ISHA will also benefit from regular KPI reporting and the added value of Apex CALM (Computer Aided Lift Management) - an online tool that will provide real-time updates, reporting of PPM schedules, breakdowns and information sharing of service, maintenance and repairs.

"We are delighted to have won the contract with the housing association," said Warren Jenchner, Managing Director at Apex Lifts. "Client liaison is extremely important to us which is why our team of experts will be on hand 24/7 responding to any problems that arise and liaising with ISHA throughout the entirety of the project."

"Given the very nature of many of our residents, there is an absolute requirement for a safe and reliable lift service," said Clare Thompson, Chief Executive at ISHA. "Apex Lifts clearly understood our needs and demonstrated the quality of service they could provide to meet our standards and challenges of the project."

ISHA provides quality homes for people withing the North and East of London including a wide variety of affordable houses. They take pride in consistently responding to feedback from residents acting quickly and positively to improve the quality and value of accommodation. 

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