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Apex's Manufacturing Facility Upgrades Laser Machine

27 September 2021

New Laser Machine

As of August 2021, Apex's in-house manufacturing facility received a new addition to the team... a brand new, state of the art laser machine.

The new machine replaces the older version and has provided many benefits to the manufacturing team such as increasing capability to produce metal lift components in-house at a much faster and efficient rate.

The laser machine is largely used for manufacturing lift car doors to be utilised across numerous modernisation and refurbishment projects across London, the South East and surrounding Home Counties. Taking a blank sheet of metal and feeding it into the machine, the workshop team are able to laser cut any profile into metal sheets up to 12mm in depth. 

With use of CAD softward (Radan), Apex's dedicated Sheet Metal Worker programmes the laser machine to perform cuttings as per project specifications via coding sent directly from a linked laptop to the main hard drive of the machine. Once cut, metal sheets are sent to Apex's Door Fabricator for welding, riveting and rigorous testing prior to being delivered to site.

Apex Lifts is proud to possess an in-house manufacturing facility, allowing the team to deliver projects to timescale and specific requirements in a timely, cost-effective and compliant manner. The addition of a new laser machine only increases Apex's in-house capabilities and allows the organisation to rise with demand, with the proficiency of working unmanned and out of business hours/throughout the night, producing steel items. 

"The laser machine is one of the most vital pieces of machinery we have in our workshop and with the new upgrades, we are able to increase and extend our customer profiles as a result of improved capability." - Alan Simons, Workshop Manager. 

The new laser machine

Doors ready to be dispatched to site

For more information on Apex's in-house manufacturing facility, click here.

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