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Benefits of employing an apprentice

23 March 2017

By Warren Jenchner, Managing Director at Apex Lifts 

Believe it or not, I started my career at Apex Lifts as an apprentice. So, having had personal experience of this, and now as Managing Director, in the position of employing apprentices, I am very much in favour of offering apprenticeship schemes to young people who need that chance to kick-start their career.

At Apex we have been offering four-year apprenticeship schemes since 1979 and it has worked very well for the company.  Not only does an apprentice get to work with our team and develop their skills, but they also get formal qualifications. One of the biggest benefits to a business is that you can train an apprentice to your standards, your ethos and with the skills needed to help your company grow.  By harnessing their talent an apprentice can become a valuable part of the business.

Taking on an apprentice or apprentices is also a way to plan for the future in order to fulfil a better level of staffing, and a lower staff turnover.   At Apex we have taken on two apprentices this year and after four years of training we anticipate that they will become permanent members of staff.  Generally we have found that with apprentices you do get a higher level of loyalty, they are committed to the apprenticeship, enjoy the learning experience and are likely to stay with you for a long time.  One of our current apprentice trainers was actually an apprentice themselves over 35 years ago - a prime example of long-term commitment. And this commitment is not just from the apprentice, the staff are also fully committed to support them during their learning experience.

Government funding is also available for apprenticeships, making it a more cost-effective way to grow talent; it’s well worth the investment in the long term and what it can bring to a company. In most cases young people have great energy, fresh, innovative ideas and lots of enthusiasm to learn and work hard.  By teaching and nurturing them they become an integral part of the team with the skills required to get the job done. 

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