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Eco Cycle

Apex Lifts is immensely proud of its collaboration and partnership with innovative cycle storage company, Eco Cycle. The company creates eco-friendly technology to improve and secure the cycling storage networks around the world and we work exclusively with them to do this in the UK.

Impressed with our extensive reputation and Royal Warrant, Eco Cycle became partners with Apex Lifts in 2014. We now hold an exclusive license with Eco Cycle and will build, maintain and service any bicycle storage for the company throughout the UK. We are always looking for ways of increasing our involvement in sustainable engineering in the manufacture and installation of lifts, so as well as being a perfect match for our business as a manufacturer and installer of lifts, this collaboration with Eco Cycle reflects our environmental ethos perfectly.

With 80,000 bikes stolen each year, the Eco Cycle storage system has been designed to create a secure, practical and environmentally friendly parking unit for cyclists. Originating in Japan, Eco Cyle has two storage products, that offer a maximum capacity of 204 bikes, with an average retrieval time of 13 seconds. The first, fully working Eco Cycle demonstrator model in the UK is located between Southwark and Waterloo station with plans to expand across the country. To find out more, visit the Eco Cycle website here.